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Bright - May 1999 - by Barbara Robertson

"'Twas May of 1999 that fourteen hikers came
To see Victoria's splendour, at Bright - a town of fame.
The group was led by Daphne, and also Lillian too
and in case you didn't know it - that pair's stuck fast as glue."

So starts the 'Diary of Daily Doings', another collection of topical and funny verses by the Club's rhyming recorder, Bruce Wright. Bruce first introduces all members of the Group, then goes on to tell of the many delights (and otherwise) we enjoyed from the first morning when -

"The air was chill, but blue the sky, the views were simply grand.
We couldn't have a better day as we scanned across the land.
There were ridges as far as the eye could see - Buffalo, Feathertop too.
Our steps were light and chatter brisk as we walked 'neath the sky so blue."

And so on through that long and wonder-filled day. "About the best walking I've ever done" says our veteran, Alan, and we all agree. The next days were spent on Mount Buffalo with its magnificent alpine scenery, challenging climbs and lovely walks, and a visit to the nearby village of Wandiligong -

"The track it followed Morse's Creek till we reached Wandi Town.
And although we took a few wrong turns the leaves were still yellow and brown."

- and exploring around Bright -

"So we came to our final day as we went our separate ways.
We thank you Daphne and Lillian, and it's really sincere, our praise."

And so say all of us.

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