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From Hampton Cooper

I joined the Club in 1989. On the 5-7th March 1990, with Robyn and Ray Dalleywater, I organised a cabin camp and walks for about twenty members to climb Mount Dromedary, Little Dromedary and explore the Mystery Bay/Bateman's Bay area. The next organised was a visit to Murramarang, Kioloa and Durras Mountain on the 10-12th October l990. That was the last of my organizing, but these two trips were the forerunner to Dot Gallagher's wonderful Jindabyne jaunts, Blackheath trips and so on, opening up the whole realm of 'aways' that the Wednesday Walkers have since undertaken.

Snakes Alive!
Several years ago, we (fifteen to twenty Shoalhaven Bushwalkers) were lunching at the grassy area under the horrid coral trees down from Scottish Rocks, Jervis Bay. As is usual on walks, we settled down to lunch, yarn, snooze and admire the scenery.

Some ten to fifteen paces from where I sat was a group of five or six ladies, including Robyn Dalleywater and Daphne McCann, settled in a ring on the grass. Suddenly I heard shrieks of alarm and saw those two ladies running in my direction. They were obviously greatly alarmed. "SNAKE, SNAKE!!" was chorused.

When the hubbub settled and normalcy returned, we saw a real live, moving (slowly), death adder curled up in the long grass, right beside where Robyn had been sitting; in fact if she had tried to push herself up using her right arm, she most certainly would have put her right hand on the snake.

What moral / lesson do we learn from this? Don't sit in the long grass in shady areas? Don't go bushwalking? Stay at home?

We all rejoiced to learn that no harm was done to all (and the snake) and all was well. Later we checked at the Rangers Station and confirmed from posters that it was in fact a death adder.

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