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Two On-track walks each Wednesday !!!???

The numbers of walkers attending on-track walks recently has been enormous, often greater than fifty. This causes problems for leaders as it is impossible to keep track of everyone. It also causes parking problems at the start of the walk, damage to tracks and the bush through the sheer weight of numbers, and a lessening of the joy of walking for all.

As a result, the club is hoping there will be two on-track walks each Wednesday. This could be achieved in a number of ways. We could have two on-track walk coordinators organising two entirely different programs. As it is hard enough getting one program together, this is not really a viable option. Another suggestion was to randomly select on-track walks which have been done in the past, and add them to the program with a request for a volunteer leader (or leaders) to control the walk. This too seems unworkable.

However, someone in the club has come up with a brilliant suggestion for a simple and effective alternate program needing very little extra work. Here is how it would work :-

For the first week of the new program, half the on-trackers do the scheduled walk, and the other half do an alternate walk. The following week, the half which did the alternate walk does the scheduled walk from the week before, while the other half does the next scheduled walk. This could go on indefinitely, and only one program would need to be compiled each season. Walkers could swap groups from time to time, and some walks could be combined, but it would be hoped the numbers were fairly even.

We would not expect leaders to lead the same walk two weeks in a row, so to accomplish this task we will require new leaders - see the plea from Bernie Body below. If nobody in the alternate group feels capable of it, a volunteer could join the first group one week, learn the walk, then lead it the next week.

Russ and Dawn Evans have volunteered to help lead the extra walks, and to help train those interested in leading, but Russ and Dawn should not do all the work - we all need to help.

This is only a suggestion. Perhaps the on-trackers could discuss the problem amongst themselves, and come up with an even better solution ...?

Congratulations !!! - (by Bernie Body)

Congratulations to on-track walkers for being a happy, fun-loving, welcoming group who obviously love bushwalking, as is proved by the large numbers who walk each week.

This group now needs extra leaders. Could you help? If you (a person or small group) could lead a walk we would all be very pleased. It could be a new walk or one of the regular walks. Experienced walkers will be there to advise and support. You could feel confident showing us the area in which you live and the club has maps and lists of walks.

Let's hope we can all keep fit and keep walking for a long time.

(Ettremist - May 2005)