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Geological Field Day - March 2005

by Sandra Kelley

Owen Dent is a geomorphologist - one who studies the features of the surface of the earth and their relation to its geological structures. Owen took us to Snapper Point which is near the southern edge of the Sydney Basin - Durras being the most southerly and Newcastle being the most northerly.

Snapper Pt was formed between 230-270 million years ago and has numerous geological features - various sedimentary layers, sand dunes, large U-shaped burrows once inhabited by worms, large bi-valved molluscs, brachiopods (shell fish), petrified wood, glacial rocks deposited in the sediment, and sediment ripples indicating direction of water flow. We also explored the opposite headland where the rock is entirely different - dark, smooth igneous rock, formed by volcanic action.

This was a most informative and interesting day and if in the future Owen is putting it on again, you must go. Thank you very much Owen.

(Ettremist - May 2005)