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The Spit to Manly - Nov 17 2004

by Dot Gallagher

14 bushwalkers set out on the 7am train for the Big Smoke, reaching the Spit just before 11am. From the bus stop to the start of the walk was about a kilometre, and then priorities were put right when we had morning tea gazing out at Middle Harbour's blue water and white yachts.

So off we went, over headlands, around foreshores and beaches, through bushy tracks, variety all the way and regularly coming to another fabulous view. (No argument - Sydney is beautiful!)

The wildflowers were everywhere (we ignored the garden escapees that spoiled some areas!) with flannel flower bushes more than waist high, white kunzia everywhere filling the air with the scent of honey, and lots of flowers similar to our own area. Two beautiful grevilleas (luxifolia and linearfolia) were plentiful, especially the latter which grew high and lacy with its delicate whitish / pinkish flowers.

The track comes close to residences in places and considering the "Royal Box" positions they have, were large and mainly beautiful with lovely gardens. We really liked a swimming pool with a glass side - Peter Walsh remarked that "you can swim underwater and watch the view".

Lots of other people were enjoying the track including about 25 from a bushwalking club in Newcastle. We had time at Manly for drinks to suit our liking, then caught the 3:45pm ferry and eventually got back to Bomaderry at 7:15pm. What a wonderful day out!

(Ettremist - November 2004)