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This is the Shoalhaven Bushwalkers Logo

Shoalhaven Bushwalkers Inc.

PO Box 403
Nowra NSW 2541

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Walker Responsibilities

• Potential members must bring their Membership Form with them for their first three walks

• Potential members must ring the leaders of their first three walks beforehand to discuss the walk

Prior to the Walk - be prepared

• Ensure you are capable of completing the walk - find out its length and degree of difficulty
• If the program does not give you these details - ring the leader
• Choose clothing appropriate to the walk i.e. long sleeves & pants, enclosed footwear for off-track walks
• Leaders may exclude you from a walk if they consider your fitness or skills are inadequate
• Leaders may exclude you from a walk if they consider your clothing or footwear is inappropriate
• Leaders may exclude you from a walk if they consider the equipment you are carrying is inadequate
• Ambulance cover is strongly recommended
• Ring the leader if the weather is doubtful or if you are meeting at an alternate location
• Leaders may change walks at the last minute i.e. after a recce, so ring leader if this is important to you
• have the exact change to pay drivers (see Car Sharing below)

Always carry:-

• ample water (at least 1 litre of water - and more on hot days)
• a comprehensive first aid kit (including space blanket) - to be used on you if you have an accident
• a small waterproof container with details of your allergies, medication, emergency contact, next of kin
• wet weather gear (rain jacket at least)
• warm jacket (thermals and beanie for more remote and winter walks)
• a hat
• a torch and spare batteries
• matches / lighter
• ample food and emergency rations plus thermos / morning tea if desired
• a whistle

Useful optional items include -

• mobile phone
• PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)
• GPS device or mobile phone app
• garden gloves or work gloves for scrub
• climbing tape
• thermos / morning tea / coffee stuff (almost essential)
• Hydralite (or similar electrolyte replacement)

During the Walk

• Keep the walkers in front and behind in sight - call leader to stop if necessary
• Stay with the leader even if you think he/she is on the wrong route, but raise your concerns with them
• Follow directions given by the leader for the safety and well-being of the group
• Keep a safe distance behind to avoid swinging branches or hurtling into the person in front
• Wait at intersections for the rest of the group to catch up
• If there is a danger of rocks being dislodged on steep slopes - keep area below clear
• Be aware of fellow walkers - if a problem is apparent, advise leader
• Let the leader know if you are having any difficulties
• Let someone know if you temporarily leave the group for any reason
• Take notice of where you are going - improve your navigation skills

After the Walk

• If you are injured on a walk ensure that the walk leader completes an incident report.

Environmental Awareness - make as little impact as possible by :-
• Carrying out all rubbish
• Not walking over lyrebird mounds or untouched areas of caves or middens
• Not taking plants, cuttings or bush rock
• Extinguishing fires completely - do not build "fairy ring" fireplaces
• Walking in small groups - spread out if practicable when off-track
• Keeping to tracks where they exist - do not take shortcuts

Car Sharing
For environmental and parking reasons, we encourage car-sharing - at a cost per passenger per kilometre which varies from time to time, depending on the price of petrol. Distances are rounded up or down to the nearest 10km, and the final cost rounded up or down to the nearest dollar. Example: a round trip of 76 kilometres is rounded up to 80km. If the current car sharing cost is 15c per kilometre, the cost per passenger is $12.00. The cost can be reduced by mutual agreement for longer trips ie. outside the Shoalhaven.