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Memories from Leila Kates

My association with the Shoalhaven Bushwalkers is not really that old. I began walking after giving up work (1989). When l began to walk mid-weeks we just decided each week where we'd go the next week. It was fairly simple and if we had over a dozen, numbers were LARGE. Funny how much has changed in nine years.

Ursula and Don Turner, Wally and Audrey Eastman and May Leatch were walking in those days. It was actually about this time when Don was ill and usually only provided us with transport. One of the first walks I ever attended was to walk from Yalwal Rd to the Chimney Stack area and down Usher Creek. It was a very hot day and we all ended up in Yalwal Creek, Elizabeth Karas in her shorts, bra and boots, it caused much hilarity and we've never forgotten that walk. I don't know why, but it took us until 6pm to reach Don at the bridge below Danjera Dam. Other couples who walked in those days were Isabel and Ian Angus, also May and John Waddell.

A weekend walk with a difference was a trip from Newnes to Glen Davis over the Pipeline Pass. We planned to have a counter lunch at the pub when we reached Glen Davis, so we only carried nibbles, cakes, fruit, water etc. It was a lovely day to begin with but as we got closer to Glen Davis it began to rain and was getting late. Ray and I ran ahead to let them know about the eight lunches that would be required before the bistro closed. As we reached the outskirts of town we realised we didn't know which way to turn and with time running out decided the best course was to ask directions to the Hotel.

"Hotel?" - answered our source of information. "There hasn't been any Hotel here for years but we have a caravan park and you can have a hot shower - it may make you feel a little better."

"Thanks, but we'll just go to the shop". You guessed it - no shop. We did end up at the caravan park and didn't worry about the shower. We shared all the goodies we had and then headed back to Newnes except for Bev Grant and Dick Darby. Ray Clegg drove around and picked them up. I am afraid Bron and Ray have never lived it down - the famous Bistro Lunch at Glen Davis.

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