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Yarrunga Creek via Mt Carrialoo - by Stuart Leslie

Taking a risk and venturing into the unknown can reap great rewards - as the Shoalhaven Bushwalkers found on Sunday 15th May 1988. Ten people met outside Glendon Motors at 7:30am, all as keen as mustard. When told that their leader for the day was unable to attend, they could have chosen an easy, familiar walk instead, but "No," they shouted unanimously, "it's a beautiful day - let's give Yarrunga Creek a burl!"

Spirits were high as they powered up and over the shoulder of Mount Carrialoo, passing through leech-infested rainforest and sipping from crystal-clear streams. However, the holiday was soon over - it was time to leave the track and make the 500 metre descent to Yarrunga Creek. A suitable ridge was chosen and down they went. All went well until, when the creek was in sight, they found themselves on top of a great cliff with no apparent way down. After a painful bash along the top of the cliff, a stone cairn was found which, amazingly enough, marked a navigable route down.

The five kilometre walk down the creek was a delight. Trees smothered with moss and staghorns, groves of palms and no signs of humanity. However, it was becoming a long day and everyone was relieved to finally reach Griffins Fire Trail which was followed up to Jacks Corner Road where the cars were parked.

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