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Shoalhaven Bushwalkers Inc.

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A Short History of the Shoalhaven Bushwalkers

Compiled by Barbara Robertson
Shoalhaven - the Early Days
Towards a Shoalhaven Bushwalkers Club

The Club Moves On
The Years that Followed
Significant Events
The Shoalhaven Bushwalkers March
The Tracks We Walk On

What We Like Doing Best - Walking

As Well As Bushwalking ... Things We Do For Fun
Bird watching
Native plants
Cross-country skiing
Community Activities
Trips away

Rogaining - The Navigation Shield

Search and Rescue
Mittagong - 1992
Granite Falls - September 1992
Ettrema Gorge - September 1993
Budawangs - May 1995
That Rescue - May 1995
Saddleback Mountain - May 1995
Mittagong - 1996
Beecroft - June 1998
Budawangs - May 2000

Some Recollections of Shoalhaven Bushwalkers since 1985
The Leslie Family Walks - by Sally Leslie
Around Sassafras - by Jim White
From Hampton Cooper
Great and Wonderful Times - by Ursula Turner
A 1994 Walk Fred Backer Well Remembers
The Jindabyne and Blackheath Jaunts, 1991-1998 - by Dot Gallagher
Memorable Walks - by Dawn Evans
Up the Corang with Stuart Leslie (1988)
Margaret Brown Writes ...
Walking with Wally Eastwood
Ray Mathieson Reports -
Hard Walks and Happy Times - by Audrey Eastwood
Memories from Leila Kates
Wednesday Walkers Visit Yalwal in Winter 1987 - by Dawn Evans
Yarrunga creek via Mt Carrialoo - by Stuart Leslie
A Night to Remember - by Barbara Robertson
History of the 'Hole in the Wall' - by Alan Thomas
1993 New Year's Eve Snowy Mountains Walk - by Elizabeth Backer
Mount Talaterang in a Day - by Yvonne White
1994 Snowy Mountains Hike - by Gwenneth Prior
Western budawangs, July 1994 - by Daphne McCann
A Whale of a Day - by Dot Gallagher
Beware of Fallen Angels - by Jack Van Dam
A Day in the Bush with Lillian - by Fiona Wilmot
How to get ahead and scare your friends - by Anne Warren
The Ensign Barrallier Walk - by Sandra Kelley
To camp or not to camp - that is the question? - by Monica Keely
The Brindabellas - by Daphne McCann
Bright - May 1999 - by Barbara Robertson
The Two Rivers Track - by Bruce Wright
The Mt Dromedary and Montague Island Trip - by Brett Davis
Thanks - from Anne Warren
How long will it take to walk from A to B? - by Russ Evans
What is a Pragmatic Walker? - asks Jock Finlayson
Snowy Mountains Trip in April 2000 - by Jock Finlayson
Four Day Budawangs Walk - by Sandra Kelley
The Corn Trail Caper in August 2000 - by Russ Evans
Historic Corn Trail Track Notes - by Dawn Evans
Griffin's Fire-trail in June 2000 - by Paul Ellis
The Castle, September 2000 - by Jock Finlayson

Trips Away
Theatre - Nowra Players
Caving and Abseiling
Xmas in July
Xmas in December
Guest Speakers
Other Significant Events
Annual Rogaine Entries and Results
Office Bearers

Drawings by Pat Campion*
* unless otherwise acknowledged
Those marked NBT are from the New Bush Telegraph

Disclaimer: The stories and items recorded in this book are memories and thoughts of club members.
They should be read and enjoyed with this in mind, for it does not matter if they are not complete.
© 2001 Shoalhaven Bushwalkers Inc.