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First Aid Kit

Recommended Contents

• If you have an accident / incident requiring the use of a first aid kit, it is YOUR first aid kit that will be used, so it is your responsibility to ensure it contains everything you believe you will need should you require treatment ...

• Probable Requirements:-

              • Pain killers - asprin, paracetamol or stronger if possible
              • Antiseptic - ti-tree oil, dettol, alcohol wipes etc.
              • Band-aids or suitable tape for blisters, cuts, abrasions etc.
              • Multiple bandages (crepe, triangular etc.) with safety pins or clips
              • a snake bandage is essential if you value your life
              • space blanket
              • a small container with details of your allergies, medication, emergency contact, next of kin
              • a first aid booklet
              • anti-histamines - cream and tablets - epipen if you have one
              • scissors
              • tweezers
              • gauze or cotton wool
              • rubber gloves (in case you have to treat someone else)
              • Hydralite (or similar electrolyte replacement)

Ambulance cover is strongly recommended - transport from remote areas is hugely expensive and you may not be covered by the club's Personal Accident Insurance