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Native Plants

Bushwalkers by definition walk through the bush, so an appreciation of the flora around us is a natural part of almost every walk we do. Some of us have even developed a love for hakeas! From an anonymous author, "Variety was the theme of our trip to Hell Hole Valley. On the way in were waratahs, grevilleas, coast boronia, Isopogons (drumsticks) and some harsh prickly Hakea sericea. Climbing plants like Kennedia prostrata and Dillwynia were twining about the scrub. Growing up through the leaf litter were delicate spotted sun orchids and hyacinth orchids (and leeches). Then we dropped down over the edge and into another world of rock overhangs, palms and ferns. Then a picnic by the creek and a swim. Eight people came. Julie P. says her leg has now healed and she is looking forward to more walking in the New Year."


Of special interest to native plant lovers is the annual Waratah Walk in Morton National Park by Dean's Gap Road. In the early days Wally Eastwood led this Spring walk to see displays of the beautiful Braidwood Waratah - Telopea Mongaensis and more recently, the Dalleywaters, the Miles and Harry Croft have been among the leaders.

Knowing and being able to name the wide variety of trees in our area adds to the pleasure of bushwalking so it is with thanks that in November 1999 we received copies of 'The Little Book of Trees' by Dawn and Russ Evans. It is designed to help identify some forty four species of trees found in the Shoalhaven.

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