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Prior to their first walk, potential members should read and understand the club's Walker Responsibilities which can be found here. They should also be aware of our Walk Gradings to ensure they are capable of completing the walk they choose.

In addition, potential members should ring the leaders of their first three walks beforehand, to find out what the walk will be like and what is expected of them. This also gives the leader the opportunity to find out whether you are capable of completing the walk successfully, ensuring that the walk is not adversely affected.

Those interested in joining the club will be invited to participate in three walks before committing themselves to membership. A joining fee of $10 and an annual July to June subscription of $25 ($15 if joining mid-year) is then payable. Members of other clubs affiliated with the confederation receive a $15 discount off their annual subscription and pay only $10 per year. The club currently has approximately 200 members. The club is also a group member of YHA Australia.

Attending Walks
If you would like to attend a club walk as a potential member, please read our Walker Responsibilities page (click here) and this page thoroughly before emailing a request for our current walks program to our club secretary at