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Hints for New Leaders

As members of a club it is fun to give and take, to share and cherish all that we do together. I think that letting a few people do all the work (or have all the fun) is not fair. There is a way, however, that we can all do our bit. If each and every member leads a walk once or twice a year, it will benefit all of us, and we can all share in the fun. I know everyone was not born to lead, but with some hints and help I feel sure that you all have it in you to lead a club walk.

The Hints:
1. Choose a walk you've done before - even if you don't remember the walk too well, when you get there some things may come back to you.
2. Start with an easy walk, like Ben's Walk or Bomaderry Creek or the local supermarket.
3. Lead the walk with a friend - make it a team effort.
4. Reconnoiter the walk a week prior to the event with your co-leader or friend or somebody who knows the walk.
5. Ask for assistance and be briefed by an experienced leader. Heavens, don't be shy in your own club!
6. The club has maps and walk descriptions that can be borrowed. If you have your own maps and the wonderful yellow marker, they become a valuable record of your walk. Then next year do the same walk, and the year after and the year after that. It will then become your walk!
7. Think up a new walk that hasn't been done before. If you like it, others will too, no matter how easy or challenging it is.
8. Do you have an idea but don't know how to execute it? Talk it over with others and we'll get it done. How about a walk with beer and oyster tasting en route, for example?
9. Ever wanted to go further afield or do something different - like ride a bike around Lake Burley Griffin? Dream it up and make it a club event - you will get plenty of support.
10. Include some of your own interests in the walk - history, culture, geology, birdwatching, plants and flowers, architecture, marine science, photography, health effects, eating, exercises, wine tours, historic house visits, museums or even invite guest speakers along on a walk!

That's it! I've run out of ideas ...