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Bush Manners

Bush Manners? Etiquette, being thoughtful to others, call it what you like. It is a part of our bushwalking game. As in any other activity, if everyone is conscious of the needs others, then friction is avoided and everyone has a good time.

Some things to think about when in the bush -

1. Ensure you have the fitness, equipment and experience to undertake the activity you have chosen.

2. Be a team member, not a rugged individualist. Try to stay with the group, rather than race ahead or fall behind.

3. Keep the person in front, and the person behind in view, so as not to break the line and lose someone.

4. When walking in thick bush, think about the person behind, and don't let the bush swing back and swipe the person in the face.

5. Take out all rubbish. This includes orange peel, and eggshells, which take a long time to degrade.

6. Don't pick the flowers and don't ever take out whole plants unless you have a relevant licence. This includes flowers, shells, feathers, rocks, leaves, driftwood and cultural and historic artefacts.

7. Enjoy the bush, leave only your footprints and take only the memories home with you. It will last for the next generations.

8. Do you need a mobile phone ringing on a bush walk? Think of others and do the right thing!

9. And lastly, please avoid treading on lyrebird mounds. Interfering with mounds could cause the male lyrebird to stop displaying and calling, not finding a mate and therefore not producing! And we would not want that to happen to the symbol of our club, would we?