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Which type of walker are you?

The start of a new year - so where do you fit in? It seems that there are five main types of walkers. I can see this clearly in our club and I wonder which type you are?

1. The Tourist: walks about the district, seeing what there is in our area. Chooses to go to a different walk each week, maybe even picking a favourite theme, like beach walks or views from high peaks.

2. The Adventurer: seeks out new places to explore. Tackles a high peak and has the feeling of being the first one there (while standing on some empty beer cans and taking compass bearings to all points visible). Picks a walk with caves or canoeing, or longer walks with camping and carrying a pack with loads of water to make it to the destination. Gets so dirty and scratched, the thought of a week soaking in a hot bath to get over it, is one of the highlights.

3. The Sensual Walker: hugs trees, drools at the sight of a rain forest dripping with raindrops (and have leeches crawling up your leg), loves the sight of fields of flowers, the tapestry of mosses on a wet rock overhang, and orchids in full bloom, bunched in bundles of twenty or more.

4. The Intellectual walker: loves to talk and solve the problems of the world while walking with his companions. Learns the names of all the trees and flowers, both Latin and common names of course. Knows the difference between Schist and Granite, Sandstone or Quicksand. Feels that they are part of the bush and know it well. Hears a bird, sees it's colours and knows which bird it is.

5. The Fitness Fanatic: does not care about wildlife, scenery or flowers, only chooses or leads walks of twenty kilometres or more, and is always at the front of the pack walking flat out. Often has already been on a walk prior to the walk, and will probably go on another walk after he (or she) gets home at the end of the day.

It doesn't matter a toot which type you are. Having all these types in our club is what makes it work so well. It's the ingredients of all the above that makes the cake all worthwhile. So we can all have our cake and eat it too. 2004 is upon us now and the serious walking has begun. I hope you all enjoy your type of walking to the fullest and if you get the urge, share it with us this year on a walk of your choice. So, let's walk, keep fit and healthy. Doing it our way.