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Having a Goal

To find the plane, that was the goal of Don and Bernie Body who had heard about a plane that had crashed in the bush near Fitzroy Falls. Some of our members had been to the plane before and stirred Don and Bernie with stories about the plane. Most of the stories were hand me downs and not sure about the facts. So Don set out to find the facts. That wasn't so easy, National Parks hadn't heard of it and besides, you weren't allowed in there. No tracks they said. The South Coast Register had trouble finding anything about it in their newspapers. We did give a hint of 1950 or 1960 which was way off the mark. Contacted the National Transport and Safety Board, but they couldn't find anything without the registration number.

The Bodies plan was to case out the plane and see the waterfalls along the way. Then to have a BBQ in the park at lunchtime and visit the Manning Falls. All went to plan and to top it all off we found the registration number on the wing of the plane. That evening we sent it off to the NTSB via email and next day the facts were there. VH-MCO Piper Commanche crashed on the 10th March 1991 at 1700 hrs. The pilot and one (1) passenger on board received fatal injuries. The plane has been badly picked over by loads of souvenir hunters or scrap metal hunters.

A job well done by Don and Bernie. I was pleased to see that anyone with a wish or desire to do something, can get it done if they have a goal. Preparing for the event, can be loads of fun too and very rewarding when the walk goes as well as Don's did.

If any of you have a dream (with a walk involved!) and need a hand or guidance just ask any of the committee and we'll be only too pleased to help you out.