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Be Prepared (May 2004)

Winter is nearly here and we should be prepared for it. It's time to do a check on our backpacks and see what is in there, (apart from mould and other smelly things). If we are smart cookies there will be a pair of woollen gloves and a wool beanie or balaclava, and a set of thermal underwear as well.

Other items needed. Space blanket. First Aid kit. An emergency supply of food if we are overdue (never lost) and of course a windbreaker if the southerly blows. Water proof overpants can be very light to carry and a great benefit in the wind.

Having these things always in your pack is not a bad idea, and it is easy to remember them if you never take them out. How many times has Mother Nature "got ya"? Been rained on and you didn't have your raincoat? A cold wind came up and your hands were cold - forgot your gloves? Murphy's Law says Mother Nature will get you one day, if she hasn't already.

So why not Be Prepared! Be ready for that day and you won't be a burden on some of your friends. Nothing like walking on a winter's day all warm and snug feeling the cold wind on your face, but warm and cosy all over, because of your good gear. Knowing too that if anything goes wrong you have the gear to stay safe, stay alive, and be healthy to walk another day.

Happy and safe Winter Walking to you all ...