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Parking at Bewong

The following note was found under the windscreen wipers of one of our cars parked at Bewong Roadhouse during a recent Wednesday walk.

I am well aware you are a good upstanding member of the SHOALHAVEN BUSHWALKERS CLUB,
the Salt of the Earth, but if you insist on parking in this car park all Bloody Day
you must pay the cost - $60 per day.

Details: Post cash in a very well sealed envelope to :-
The Ex Scottish Miners Fund
C/- Jock, Erowal Bay.

A media release was passed to the Secretary the following week and it read:

In a landmark court ruling yesterday, leading judge Chief Justice Ray deemed that the assets of the Ex Scottish Miners Fund far outweigh the usefulness and value of this one-man organisation.

He also deemed that any demand, retrospectively or in the future, placed upon unwary vehicle owners shall bring down the full extent of the law upon the organisation and carry a penalty of $120 per demand.

Seeing that the recipient of the demand last Wednesday is of such an impeccable character, displaying honesty and a sense of fair play, it is agreed that the penalty for this occasion will be overlooked, but will be vigorously pursued if it should happen again.

Local MP Joanna Nick made the following statement:-

"This deplorable, devilish demand for payment is the work of a despicable, dastardly, dangerous importation to our fine shores who has set up an outrageous organisation to fleece fine Australians of their hard earned and richly deserved money. It is my determination that these Scottish folk should be immediately deported on the next departing coal-carrying ship and deposited back on their own shores. Their entire assets should be seized and freed up to make those millions of dollars available to the Australian economy. Coal miners become gold diggers - that's what I call them."

(October 2005)

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