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Shoalhaven Bushwalkers Inc.

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Nowra NSW 2541

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The safety procedures on this website are currently in the process of being updated. A working document has been produced - see Proposed Safety Procedures April 2023 - but this has not yet been ratified by the club committee. Leaders may choose to follow these new procedures if they think they provide greater safety or decreased risk for our members. Implementation of the new procedures will be decided at the next committee meeting in September 2023.

SBW Safety Procedures for Leaders apply to all of our walks*.

Leaders of all activities should specify in the walk descriptions they supply to the club program where the cars will be parked or the start point of their walk (if taking a train) as well as details of the planned route of the walk or the general area where the walk will take place - especially where the walk is not a standard, well-known walk or has an off-track component.

All walks require completion of an Attendance / Waiver Sheet which should be taken on the walk by the leader as it contains the emergency contact details for each walker. If an accident occurs to a walker, the emergency contact is the person to be contacted for details of the walker's doctor, medical history, allergies, next of kin etc. The Attendance / Waiver Sheet can be downloaded from this website at

At the bottom of the Attendance / Waiver Sheet are the Safety Contact names and numbers for Wednesday Walks and Weekend Walks (including all activities that are not Wednesday walks). As soon as possible after the finish of the walk, the leader should phone the Safety Contact to advise them of the safe completion of the walk, and the number of walkers on the walk if it is a Wednesday walk.

The club has a Protocol for Overdue Walkers on this website that will be followed if the Safety Contact does not receive confirmation of the safe completion of the walk.

* the term "walks" in these procedures includes all SBW activities - Wednesday walks, weekend walks, trips away, bike rides, snorkels, social events etc.