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Beware of Fallen Angels - by Jack Van Dam

I don't go back to the starting days but my funniest recollection was the day we were doing the Dead Horse Gap walk and came across a young girl posing in the nude in front of a big tree right beside the walking track. I was up front and had a good clear picture. She seemed embarrassed and tried to hide behind the tree but in doing so exposed her behind to the walkers following me.

Why one would pose right beside a well-used walking track is beyond me but we had much fun afterwards telling the story of the 'fallen angel' we had seen that day. There were signs 'Beware of Falling Rocks' which we didn't see, but 'Fallen Angels' we did, so that was what we called her. I can't really recall anything else out of the ordinary happening. We had many enjoyable walks and I am only sorry the condition of my feet prevents me from real bushwalking.

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