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10 reasons why bushwalking is better than sex

1. If you stop in the middle of it to go to the toilet or enjoy a cuppa or have a meal, nobody cares.

2. In some areas, you can legally do it with your dog.

3. Almost anyone can do it for an hour with no problems at all, and some can even do it all day and all night.

4. You can unashamedly do it in groups.

5. As soon as you finish one walk, you can start another one straight away.

6. It is socially acceptable to do it by yourself.

7. You can do it in public.

8. You can take photos and videos while you do it and distribute them to friends and strangers without fear of arrest.

9. You can legally do it with children.

10. You can do it often and with lots of different people with no damage to your reputation.

(Ettremist - May 2004)