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In the early days of the club, walks were focussed on weekend activities - a mixture of day walks and overnight full pack hikes - but some members preferred to walk mid-week and leave their weekends free. So began the Wednesday walks.

The committee "tolerated" the Wednesday walks, but initially did very little to help them. The Wednesday walkers would all meet on Wednesday morning, and someone would suggest a walk and they would all go on that walk. By September 1993 it was reported in the Ettremist that "with more than 50 regulars the Wednesday walkers deserve more attention". Elsewhere in the newsletter it was stated that on Wednesdays there were usually two walks - one easy and one medium. The easy walk was usually an on-track walk, and the medium walk was usually a partly off-track walk.

When the Wednesday walkers started to produce a walks program, the club did little to promote it. The Wednesday walkers produced their own program, and if a club member wanted to receive it, they had to provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the organizers every month!

Gradually the committee began to show more interest in the Wednesday walkers. Fred Backer as editor in the May 1994 Ettremist wrote that in 1993 he had started a section of the newsletter called "The Wednesday Scene" to highlight mid-week activities of "our very large group of Wednesday walkers", but that this had died due to lack of participation. "The Wednesday Scene" reappeared in the following Ettremist in July 1994, with Leila Kates reporting an average of 30 walkers each Wednesday. She also thanked Fred for printing the program!

By 2000, the club consisted primarily of Wednesday walkers, with a diminishing number of weekend walkers. By 2010, with the exception of a couple of leaders, there were virtually no full-pack walks being done on weekends.