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How to Submit Walks

Our walks program is published in our newsletter - The Ettremist. The program is dependent on club members submitting walks that they would like to lead to our various walks coordinators, depending on the type of walk. We have three Wednesday walk coordinators and one Weekend Walk coordinator - see our Walk Coordinators page. There are four types of Wednesday walks - loosely defined as Andante (an easy walk at a leisurely pace), On Track (longer, easy to medium walks on tracks), Hybrid (a mixture of on-track and off-track walking over rougher terrain) and Off Track (walks in areas where there are no tracks). In 2015 the Hybrid and Off Track walks were combined under one coordinator (HOT walks) due to a decline in the number of walkers wanting (or able) to do these harder walks.

Andante walks are usually Grade 1, On Track walks are Grades 2 and 3, and HOT walks are Grades 4, 5 and 6 - see "Walk Gradings" below.

Basically, the procedure is as follows -

1. Determine the grade of your walk.

2. Find the appropriate coordinator on our Walk Coordinators page.

3. Ring the coordinator or go to the phone and email list in the Members Only area to find their email address.

4. Email them the walk description using the format shown in our walks program, including the following :-

  • Name of Walk
  • Grade
  • Distance
  • Leader name and phone number
  • Description of walk including where it starts
  • Number limit if applicable
  • Early start if applicable
  • Map(s)
  • Travel distance from Nowra and car sharing cost (see our Distances from Nowra page)

Walks or activities that don't fit into our walk categories or walk gradings systems should be submitted to the Weekend Walks Coordinator. These include multi-day activities (like full-pack hikes, car camps, trips away), kayaks, bike rides and normal walks done on other days of the week apart from Wednesday.

Walk Gradings

Grade 1 (Easy)A walk less than 10km on well-marked, even, man-made tracks that are not steep.

Grade 2 (Easy-medium)A walk less than 15km on well-marked tracks that are not steep and that are mostly of low gradient.

Grade 3 (Medium)A walk less than 20km with some hilly sections and/or rougher terrain on distinct tracks, that may be steep in places, requiring a moderate level of fitness.

Grade 4 (Medium-hard)A walk for surefooted walkers on steeper, rougher terrain that may have significant off-track sections and rock scrambling, or a lesser grade walk of more than 20km; unsuitable for most beginners.

Grade 5 (Hard)A walk for fit off-track walkers over difficult terrain that may have steep and uneven sections, long and steep ascents and descents, thick scrub, rock scrambling, creek walking and crossings, or a lesser grade walk of more than 30km.

Grade 6 (Very hard)A strenuous walk for fit and skilled off-track walkers over challenging terrain that may have steep and uneven sections, very steep and long ascents and descents, thick scrub, rock scrambling, exposure to heights, creek walking and crossings.

** Walks may also include these additional descriptions.

W (Wet) **The walk may include deep water crossings that may require wading and/or swimming.

X (eXploratory) **The leader has not been to the area of the walk.