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Reports after 2010 can be found in our Ettremist newsletters.

Moreton Bay Kayaking
Tramping the Dusky

Kanangra Walls
Tongarra Falls
Trek for Timor
About our Life Membership Recipients

Unexploded Ordnance
Whale Watching at Booderee in July (2.5MB)
The Light to Light Walk
Night Out with the Sabrinas
Currockbilly via Wirritin Ridge
Croajingalong Paddling - March 2008
10 Reasons why Leading is like Sex
Letter to the Editor, from Hampton Cooper

Sluice Box Falls / Watson's Pass Hike
Shoalhaven Unlimited article on Karen Davis Trig Quest
Mt Owen and Monolith Valley Hike
Outdoor article on Karen Davis Trigs (pages 1 & 2)
Outdoor article on Karen Davis Trigs (pages 3 & 4)
Outdoor article on Karen Davis Trigs (pages 5 & 6)
SCR article on Budawangs Strategy
Pigeon House Gorge Hike
Wilsons Promontory walk (with photos 2.6MB)
Wilsons Promontory walk (without photos 78KB)
A family tribute to Russ Evans
Northern Budawangs Circuit
10 Best Shoalhaven Walks
Tasmania 2007 (with photos)
Tasmania 2007 (without photos)
Danjera Trig Walk
Round the Bay Challenge
Monga Bike Trip
Map References
Socialgaine 2006 - Report
Beaches of Jervis Bay and the Shoalhaven

The Duyfken (Little Dove)
The Socialgaine - what most of you missed
Socialgaine 2006 - Results
Nav Shield 2006 - Wangenderry
Socialgaine 2006
Where is the Shoalhaven?
Lyrebird Facts

Guess Who?
The Great North Walk
Mt Eccles
Parking at Bewong
From Sylvia's Desk
Whale Watching In June
Lightning Strikes
From Sylvia's Desk
2 On-track walks on Wednesdays !?
Corang Cascades Circuit
Geological Field Day
Tallowa Dam to Fossickers Flat
Article in SCR re Kent and Meehan walk

Wednesday Walking in the Tyrol
Weekend Walks 2004 Report
Life Members - Dawn and Russ Evans
All in a Day's March
Folly Point Overnight Hike - Sep 2004
The Spit to Manly
Five Days at Newnes - Oct 2004
... a little slower!
Children on Walks
Leaving Walks Early
Bushwalking is for the Birds
Polo Shirts
Accident Insurance and Ambulance Cover
Gerringong Golf Day
10 reasons why bushwalking is better than sex
Justified or Not Justified?
The Caves of Riversdale
Nerriga Entrance to Morton NP
Narrawallee Creek Nature Reserve
Hampden Bridge to Tallowa Dam Paddle
Abraham's Bosom

Interesting and Valuable Information
Grid References and UTM
Grid References - new vs old

President Lauri Ball (2003 -2005)
Lauri's Final Report
The New Rage in Bushwalking
What is Life all About?
Lauri drives people up the wall
Laurel Hill
In the City
Be Prepared
Canberra Two Day Walk
Having a Goal
Hints for New Leaders
The Mother Load
Thanks to the Volunteers
Bush Manners
Which Type of Walker are You?
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Reports from the turn of the Century
Blue Gum Forest Hike - April 2001
The Trip to Bright - May 1999
Clyde River Gorge Walk - September 2000
Gnatilia Creek - September 2000
Wee Jasper Caving Weekend - April 2000
Kanangra to Katoomba - October 2001
Royal National Park - March 1999
Snowy Mountains Trip - January 2001
Jindabyne Skiing Trip - September 2001
The Sydney Trip - April 2002

The Shoalhaven Bushwalkers March
The Benefits of Bushwalking

Book Reviews
Beaches of Jervis Bay and the Shoalhaven - review by John Souter
Between a Rock and a Hard Place - review by Brett Davis
Bushwalking in the Budawangs - review by Russ Evans
Walking from the Mountains to the Sea - review by Russ Evans
Yalwal Map - review by Russ Evans

A Poem - by Peter Sixsmith
Budawangs in the Blood - by Michael Hansell
The Shoalhaven Ghoulie - with apologies to Hale and Pace

Nav Shields
1989 at Nerriga
1990 at Yalwal
1991 at Tallowa Dam
1992 at Hill Top
1994 at Kanangra
1995 at Colo Heights
1996 at Woodford
1997 at Mogo Creek
1998 at Sassafras
1999 at Wingello
2001 at Abercrombie
2002 at Tallaganda
2004 at Goulburn River
2005 at Coolah Tops
2006 at Wanganderry
2007 at Daltons Defence
2008 at Nerriga
2009 at Euroka
2008 at Dunn's Swamp

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Some Old Photos
Carol Amphlett photos (3)
Margaret Brown photos (16)
Norma Burgess photos (6)
Hampton Cooper photos (4)
Paul Ellis photos (21)
Ross Engall photos (4)
Pat Keane photos (6)
Sandra Kelley photos (2)
Margaret King photos (25)
Bob Redenbach photos (4)
Barbara Robertson photos (54)
Miscellaneous photos (7)

Shoalhaven Trigs

The Club History
Shoalhaven - the Early Days
Towards a Shoalhaven Bushwalkers Club

The Years that Followed
Significant Events
The Shoalhaven Bushwalkers March
The Tracks We Walk On
What We Like Doing Best - Walking

As Well As Bushwalking ... Things We Do For Fun
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Native plants
Cross-country skiing
Community Activities
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Rogaining - The Navigation Shield
1989 Nav Shield
1990 Nav Shield
1991 Nav Shield
1992 Nav Shield
1994 Nav Shield
1995 Nav Shield
1996 Nav Shield
1997 Nav Shield
1998 Nav Shield
1999 Nav Shield
2001 Nav Shield
2002 Nav Shield
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2007 Nav Shield
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2013 Nav Shield

Search and Rescue
Mittagong - 1992
Granite Falls - September 1992
Ettrema Gorge - September 1993
Budawangs - May 1995
That Rescue - May 1995
Saddleback Mountain - May 1995
Mittagong - 1996
Beecroft - June 1998
Budawangs - May 2000
Navy News article about the May 2000 Budawangs Search
Various newspaper stories about the Search
Robert James account of the search for his son and daughter
Chris James successfully completing his Queens Scout program
Ralph article from 2001 featuring Stephen Rowe, one of the rescued

The Leslie Family Walks - by Sally Leslie
Around Sassafras - by Jim White
From Hampton Cooper
Great and Wonderful Times - by Ursula Turner
A 1994 Walk Fred Backer Well Remembers
The Jindabyne and Blackheath Jaunts, 1991-1998 - by Dot Gallagher
Memorable Walks - by Dawn Evans
Up the Corang with Stuart Leslie (1988)
Margaret Brown Writes ...
Walking with Wally Eastwood
Ray Mathieson Reports -
Hard Walks and Happy Times - by Audrey Eastwood
Memories from Leila Kates
Wednesday Walkers Visit Yalwal in Winter 1987 - by Dawn Evans
Yarrunga creek via Mt Carrialoo - by Stuart Leslie
A Night to Remember - by Barbara Robertson
History of the 'Hole in the Wall' - by Alan Thomas
1993 New Year's Eve Snowy Mountains Walk - by Elizabeth Backer
Mount Talaterang in a Day - by Yvonne White
1994 Snowy Mountains Hike - by Gwenneth Prior
Western budawangs, July 1994 - by Daphne McCann
A Whale of a Day - by Dot Gallagher
Beware of Fallen Angels - by Jack Van Dam
A Day in the Bush with Lillian - by Fiona Wilmot
How to get ahead and scare your friends - by Anne Warren
The Ensign Barrallier Walk - by Sandra Kelley
To camp or not to camp - that is the question? - by Monica Keely
The Brindabellas - by Daphne McCann
Bright - May 1999 - by Barbara Robertson
The Two Rivers Track - by Bruce Wright
The Mt Dromedary and Montague Island Trip - by Brett Davis
Thanks - from Anne Warren
How long will it take to walk from A to B? - by Russ Evans
What is a Pragmatic Walker? - asks Jock Finlayson
Snowy Mountains Trip in April 2000 - by Jock Finlayson
Four Day Budawangs Walk - by Sandra Kelley
The Corn Trail Caper in August 2000 - by Russ Evans
Historic Corn Trail Track Notes - by Dawn Evans
Griffin's Fire-trail in June 2000 - by Paul Ellis
The Castle, September 2000 - by Jock Finlayson

Trips Away
Theatre - Nowra Players
Caving and Abseiling
Xmas in July
Xmas in December
Guest Speakers
Other Significant Events
Annual Rogaine Entries and Results
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